JCons - Colorful Java Console

Version 0.00.01, 2006-03-17 06:17:46

Putty Test Example This small project provides a library that bring color to your java console. The java console gives no methods to change the foreground or background color. Now you can make error messages red and success messages green.

The only way to do this is using JNI. And thats what we do - at least for the MS windows world. (See change console color). Most unix terminals can deal with ESC sequences, so we try to use them to make the java console colorful. See for example console codes. Other OS might follow, if you have an idea, you are welcome.

This library was tested with Windows XP, Linux (Debian Sarge). By using putty it worked with HP-UX and Sun Solaris. To test it on your environment just run the class com.meyling.console.Test.

If you need much more console GUI functionality you should take a look at charva. It uses ncurses to deal with the console and runs on many platforms.

If you wish to compile the C files for the JNI calls for windows you can use lcc-win32 (also look at Java Native Interface on Windows). Another possibility to compile the C file is the "free" Visual C++ Toolkit.